“Just a note to thank you for what you did for me – your kindness will never be forgotten. I find it hard to express my gratitude to you, as it was a time I really needed a friend. Love and God Bless you.”

Along with Caroline Knox, Board-Certified Elder Law Attorney, our team works with a group of professional Finance Managers from our sister company, Caregiver Support Services. This team is available to assist you with sometimes overwhelming financial management needs, which might be personal finances, assistance for Powers of Attorney or the management of a trust.  For instance, due to physical or mental health challenges, a loved one might need assistance managing personal financial matters, and our Finance Managers help with:

• Financial Account Management and Consolidation to Include Bank and Investment Accounts; 

• Insurance Filing and Communication;

• Bill Pay Services and Communication with Businesses Regarding the Accounts; and

• Trust Administration;