“Thank you for taking on our small Medicaid case, with swift necessity and due diligence. Your fast action provided our family with both vital knowledge and a profound peace of mind. We now know our mother’s future is secure. We wish to thank Mary Lou and the rest of your helpful staff and will direct others in need of elder law assistance your way.”

Caroline will work with you to identify all your assets, including personal property, cash on hand, and intangible investments. With her guidance, you are ensured these assets will be controlled with your best tax advantage in mind, while protecting them for the future. Caroline also helps you focus on preserving assets specifically to supplement care provided by Medicaid and Social Security. We use a team of professionals from our sister company, Caregiver Support Services, to assist with Medicaid and SSI applications, and our Asset Preservation Services include:

• Asset preservation
• Special needs trusts
• Settlement preservation trusts
• Medicaid and SSI planning
• Long-term care planning