Elder Law News

Caroline Knox was named the Best Lawyers® 2019 Elder Law "Lawyer of the Year" in Asheville. For over 30 years, Best Lawyers® has recognized exceptional legal talent throughout the U.S., and they annually list the top 5% of practicing attorneys organized by geographic region and practice area.

Many times when we talk about aging people mention relying on their loved ones to step up and help guide them through the process. What we don't always discuss is the fact that relying on a loved one is not always an option. the CPA Journal published a piece that discusses what practical, legal and financial issues to consider if you are an elderly person without children to serve as caregivers. 

Read the full article here. 

We love our home in Hendersonville so much, and it’s always an honor to be recognized for our standard of service. Thank you to those who thought to nominate the Knox Law office for the Best of the Blue Ridge Awards! We were nominated in the service category for Best Law Firm. We appreciate every client that chooses to work with Knox Law. If you’d like to vote for us for Best Law Firm, you can click here. The listings are in alphabetical order, and you don’t have to vote in every category. Thank you for your continued support, and feel free to vote every day!

Board Certified Elder Law Attorney, Caroline Knox, will speak at the Prime Time Living & Health Retirement Expo on Thursday, July 12. Join us at the Lelia Patterson Center in Fletcher to learn more about retirement, whether you're currently ready to retire or not! There will be many sessions you can attend and informational booths that cover a variety of topics. Some of the sessions cover topics like cardiovascular health, safety, fraud concerns, retirement options, and brain health just to name a few.
If you are interested in learning more about the event, you can visit Prime Time Living's website here. We hope to see you there.

Medicaid can be an option for paying for long term care. You might already have a basic understanding that Medicaid is a support system for people with low income, but did you know that it can assist in paying for long term care even if you have higher income and resources? Board Certified Elder Law Attorneys are trained in helping to guide you through the process of analyzing and obtaining Medicaid.

Every state has different eligibility requirements for Medicaid to cover long term care.

Your Board Certified Elder Law Attorney can advise and guide you through the steps to ensure that you still have resources maintaining your quality of life, and preserve assets for a spouse at home and for the children.