An estate plan is an important one to help you identify your assets and help you ensure they are distributed according to your wishes after your death.  An estate lawyer can help you create this advanced directive and feel secure that your plan will be followed.  But do you have an advocate to help you protect your assets and assist with a plan in case of a health emergency?  If you develop a life-changing disability or disease, you need to learn about and plan for the challenges you may face in this crisis.  

This includes asset management along with care management, Medicaid applications and assistance with ongoing daily life activities.

Along with helping with your estate planning, managing these unexpected health concerns is exactly what Caroline Knox can help you with.  Caroline Knox is a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) certified by the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. Caroline is a proven expert at arranging assets, reworking advanced directives and securing health benefits.  “Typically, people call me after they have been diagnosed with an illness.  They are often panicked about paying for their health care costs and worry that they will leave their spouse without any money.  However, they need not fear because I can solve the financial piece and assist with the resources available to take the concern off their plate.  My primary objective is to preserve my clients’ assets and ensure the funds are there for their care as well as for the surviving spouse’s future needs.”

But, Caroline and her team of professionals offer more than just the financial assistance.  Not only is Caroline able to act as power of attorney, trustee, health care agent or guardian, she offers the support of a licensed social worker and a board-certified nurse focused on care management.  “It just makes sense,” says Caroline.  “Managing a progressive illness goes beyond financial and legal concerns; families often don’t know where to turn.  Having these trusted professionals as part of their support system alleviates uncertainty and allows clients to keep their focus on their lives and their loved ones.”